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About CEOs

Angela Brown

I am the CEO of Impact Life Coaching Services with Amazing Milestones. I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Augusta State University and a Master’s Degree in Health Service and Administration from Strayer University. I am also a Certified Addictions Professional  an a Master Certified Coach and Trainer who has been in the counseling profession for over 20 years. Working with people through life coaching is my true passion. Throughout the years, I have helped people work through many life experiences, including building their visions. I have worked with many groups of people from women to children, and families. I am able to help individuals identify their goals and values, so they can develop them and live their best life possible. I am a firm believer that people should work on developing their skills so that they can become the best person they can be. As a life coach, I bring to the table an extremely vibrant, outgoing, dedicated, open-minded, and ambitious personality. With all of my experience and qualities, I will help you put all the pieces of your puzzle together and create a plan that is best for you.

 I am able to help people pick up the pieces and transform their lives after dealing with trauma. This is because I had to go through this myself and I know the struggles of pushing forward after a traumatic event. Six months after losing my child, I got into a severe accident with a semi-truck. Not too long after that I dealt with the sudden death of my grandfather who raised me. It seemed like it was one thing after the next and it felt like I could not get a break. Even through this difficult time, the focus never remained on me. I was constantly helping others deal with their issues all while dealing with my own pain. As a result of this, I decided to become a life coach for people who deal with complex trauma in hopes of teaching people to understand the recovery process and reconnect with themselves and the world. I want to help them build a life that they can call normal again. Not only am I able to help those dealing with trauma, I am also able to assist people with issues related to addiction. This is not exclusive to those who have dealt with addiction themselves, but also the family members of those who have dealt with addiction. As a result of me growing up and constantly being faced with seeing my family members face addiction, I want to help those who have dealt with addiction as well as those who had to witness it. I want to help people recover and get their lives back on track after addiction and facilitate the healing process for the family members. Because of my own experiences, I can assist you with getting through a difficult time and successfully begin life again. 

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Latonya Pegues – LaRosa

I am the CEO of Impact Life Coaching Services with Amazing Milestones.  I was born and raised in the small town of Hayti Missouri.  I grew up in a small home with nine siblings.  Being the youngest of nine allowed me to encounter many challenges and life experiences.  My adult life started at a young age. I became a mother and wife at the age of seventeen.  Right after graduating from high, I relocated to a city over nine hundred miles from my mother father, and siblings.  I was lost in a city where I did not know anyone. With my former husband being in the military and out of the country most of the year I was basically considered a single mother 80% of the time. Balancing being an employee, mother, wife, daughter, friend, and sister became quite overwhelming. I can remember all the horrible thoughts that entered my mind at the time telling me, “you are a failure” “no one love you” “you are nothing” “you are fat” “you are ugly”…. Everything you could think of I was hearing over and over.  One of my favorites; “WHY LIVE.”

I spent years showing face, mean what you saw on the outside was far from how I was feeling on the inside. The divorce of an unhealthy marriage, combined with dealing with the loneliness of being a single mother in a large city with no family caused me to isolate myself which caused me to experience a deep stage of depression. After fighting through and overcoming all the fears of life, I decided that I needed to give life another try.  Not only for myself, but for my children.  


Several year later I feel in love all over again and married my husband. A year after being married we decided that it was a great time to start added to our family.  One morning I began to have horrible stomach cramps and back pain. We later learned that we lost our first child, we were devastated.  Things were different this time around.  I felt the need to share my story instead of feeling ashamed and sorry about my story.  I began to mentor young women on how to transform their lives by using their past endeavors to give them strength for their future.  I picked up the pieces of my life, went back to college and earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.  I then receive my State Certification for Healthcare Administration and State Trainer Certification for Alzheimer’s & Dementia, Master Life Coach/Trainer Certification and much more.

With over 22 years of Business & Life Strategist, Motivational Speaker, Mentor, Certified Trainer, and Senior Living experience, I conduct workshops and seminars to help awaken the inner spirit and confidence of inspired entrepreneurs who desire to be heart-centered successful business owners. Instead of stopping there, I go even further and help them to achieve the life they most desire. 

It is my determination and no-nonsense attitude that has led my clients to success.   I have successfully coached businesses in every area from start-up at the ground level to fortune 10 companies earning over 20 million dollars in sales. It is my commitment and belief in my client’s success that is instrumental in helping them reach phenomenal levels that they never dreamed possible.  I specialize in life strategies, leadership, employee engagement, branding and marketing your business, operations and culture building. I have dedicated myself to helping business leaders and day to day people create meaning in their own lives and in their organizations. This all results in motivated employees, customer commitment and bottom-line performance. I am passionate about helping you identify what holds you back; self-limiting beliefs, negative self-talk, low self-esteem, and commonly – low to no self-confidence.  I understand this firsthand, having gone through some of life’s most painful challenges myself. I experienced unhealthy relationships, failed businesses and years as a struggling single parent.

 These experiences created a self-sabotaging mindset – I had to shift my mindset to begin to live victoriously.  Once I mastered this transformation of my belief system in myself, love began to appear in positive relationships and success was achieved in business.  I stepped into the place that served my purpose.  I focus on getting to know my subject and often pulls my clients into uncharted territories. My powerful intuition blended with my ability to shift perspective allows others to successfully craft and bring their ideas to light. I have designed a coaching program that begins with establishing a foundation for each client that allows them to clarify their personal and professional values as well as create a long-term vision. I combine this insight with my client’s natural talents and learned skills to create a purpose/mission statement which they can use as a filter for their decision making. My mission is to help create meaning in people’s work by connecting who they are to their desired profession. I have taken this mission to the next level.  “I Listen, I Guide, We Plan Together!”

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